21.10. - 3.12 2021

Pavla Malinová:
The Face with a Touch of Ruffledness

Pavla Malinová’s paintings represent a unique combination of experiments with form and an intimate narrative. Her artistic agenda is evolving naturally, staying loyal to figurative representations deliberately distanced from realistic painting. She skilfully oscillates between concrete scenes and abstracting/ornamental elements. Alternating brush for rag or palette knife, and clean painting areas and linear drawing interventions for plastic modelling by using light, intuitive colouring and abstract structures thrusting into space. Malinová communicates directly and authentically, while letting the symbolism of the chosen motifs and objects actuate. Customarily, the atmosphere in her paintings remains on the edge, anywhere between heavy melancholy and the banality of everyday life.

The project Face with a Touch of Ruffledness represents a selection of her most recent artwork from 2020 to 2021, defined by several core topics and principles. As in recent years, bodies are the centre of interest of her expressively colourful oils – from details to portraits and finally to full figures. Massive figures fill entire painting formats, sometimes perilously, as if the canvases were just too tiny. The meticulous robustness ignores the traditional ideal of beauty while heightening a sculptor’s modelling of corporeality. The body language seems to be clearly legible, requiring no detailed descriptions.