9.9. - 15.10. 2021

Martin Gerboc:
The Wonderful new world
curator: Zora Rusinová

In his new, provocative works, Martin Gerboc yet again assails the form and representations in traditional figurative painting, and its former standards of beauty, truth or grandeur, but primarily its transparent message. Though Gerboc is often also inspired by real stories of people around him, the reflexion on the cynicism of media images – steadily streaming towards us in endless new waves, which immunizes us against them – is the most prevalent and intense element in his work. From brainwashing and sub-cultural rituals, through the rage of extreme hedonism, religious superstition, and mass psychosis ignited by a quasi-messiah, to situations covered in dark spiritual mist, Gerboc’s paintings are saturated with disheartening absurdity, as well as satire and the grotesque.

Undoubtedly, his works are critical and traumatizing, since their common, ruthless denominator is the conclusion that “this is the way things are”. The artist does not offer any explicit recipes or morals. He clearly leaves the potential catharsis up to us, perceiving this to be an individual action.