28.10. - 4.12. 2020

Lubomír Typlt:

On 29 October White & Weiss Gallery opened the first solo exhibition in Slovakia of the major Central European figural painter, the Czech Lubomír Typlt. His work in recent years addresses occurring and standing still, motion and inaction: two basic opposites. The tension in Typlt’s pictures is underlined by striking colouring, based on a principle of complementary colours. At the centre of his interest lies the figure, or face, which in the artist’s judgment functions better when it is overemphasized.

The exhibition curator Karel Srp says of Typlt’s current work: “Typlt has continued to develop personal dramatic stories, sometimes on the verge of enlightenment and ferociousness. Simultaneously he creates his heavenly army of contemporary saints, its representatives emancipating themselves from the former groupings of classes at schools to reach out to different professions, at least in name. However, beyond those two opposing possibilities, each pursuing its own sources of motifs, there is the painting itself: as an event of colours, allowing the artist a long-term focus on how they express themselves. Colours, not just the space created through them, have long been carriers of all manifest and hidden events.”