24 APR - 31 MAY 2019


curator: Omar Mirza

White & Weiss Gallery invites you to B.E.H. by Ľubo Mikle and Tobias Potočný a.k.a. rbnx. The exhibition will present the newest sculptures and installations by Mikle, in which he recycles materials and components from aircrafts. The exhibition combines Mikle´s works with thorough work with light and sound that responds to the viewer, creating a complete atmosphere. The works concentrate on flying as a possible breakthrough into different realms and worlds awaiting anybody who dares to transcend the limits of daily routines. You can view beyond the event horizon until 31 May 2019.

The exhibition is structured holistically, where not only the artworks are important, but also how they are positioned in the space, the overall atmosphere, light and sounds. By stepping through the gallery doors, the viewer moves beyond an imaginary event horizon from where there is no return. At least not without having a new adventure and experience.

The presented works are based on recycling found objects and spare parts from the interiors or exteriors of aircrafts, assembled into new, diverse forms. One can find abstract sculptures, reminding us of runways or air maelstroms, biomorphic and anthropomorphic techno-creatures – animated machines where the old and useless becomes part of reality; acoustically and visually interactive installations and also small objects that could be labeled as jewellery.

Mikle is interested in working with material and its features. On the one hand he lets them shine, on the other he tries to transform them, toy with them, test their limits. The dominant material in the spectrum of this exhibition – variable in shapes and monochromatic in colour – s aluminum, one of the most important materials in the aviation industry.

The interesting play with light, usually perceived by most viewers only subconsciously, is yet an important part of any exhibition. Light, that is part of several artworks, casts light on other works, thus creating an interesting, closed circle or world inside a world. Some works react to the presence and movement of the viewers, making them part of it. An ambient sound component consisting of layers of sound, noise and the spoken word, created by the sound experimenter rbnx, is an important component in the overall atmosphere of the exhibition.

One needs to use multiple senses to be able to look into the layers of visual and sound traces, layers of content and matter. In the end, flying is also a multi-faceted topic – somebody is fascinated by it, others are phobic about it; it is a job for a pilot or part of a shaman’s magical ritual. Flying captures the human desire for something that is not biologically natural to him –though we have no wings, we have found a way to see things from above. But let´s go even higher. What it would be like if we flew through a black hole? What would await us beyond the event horizon from where there is no escape – neither for matter or light nor for information? An art exhibition is not a scientific event, therefore let´s allow ourselves to look Beyond Event Horizon. If you come back, let us know what you have seen…

Lubo Mikle was born in Bratislava in 1982. Between 2000 – 2006 he studied in the Department of Sculpture, Object and Installation at the Academy of Fine Arts with prof. Juraj Meliš in Bratislava.  He primarily works in sculpture, sound objects and installations. In his works, he combines recycling with industrial motives, and destruction with transformation and construction. His sculptures are often monumental in size. He enjoys collaborating with sound artists and performers. He lives and works in Bratislava.

Tobias Potočný a.k.a. rbnx was born in Bratislava in 1979.  He has worked professionally in the field of sound music since 1998. In 2009 he graduated in sound composition from the Film and TV Faculty of Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. He works as a sound master and is also active in experimental music. He lives and works in Bratislava.