10.2. - 15.3.2022

Ján Zelinka
Ex post
curator: Silvia L. čúzyová

Ján Zelinka‘s exhibition EX POST reflects the artist’s fascination with the topic of death or temporariness /perishableness. Zelinka’s artwork could be seen as his quest for a new visual language, a deep dive into topics related to the human being, physicality, and documenting of existence with the polarity of presence/absence. He creatively oscillates between drawing, sculpture, and object, testing the boundaries of fragility and durability, creating imprints and casts, traces and documenting of a body, being captured by memory and preservation. EX POST presents Zelinka’s older works – metal sarcophagi, plaster sculptures of perished animals, original sculptural portraits along with the latest line of his works – Nomeless – paper objects/drawings in space which, in Zelinka’s perspective, represent his personal dialogue with deceased animals.