Jana Farmanová: The moment | 20 Sep – 19 Oct 2018

Jana Farmanová: The moment | 20 Sep – 19 Oct 2018

20 SEP - 19 OCT 2018

The Moment

The White&Weiss Gallery opens its new gallery season by presenting the intimate art of Jana Farmanová – an extraordinary Slovak fine artist. Following the concept of the curator Beata Jablonská, the author will present her works of the past four years. The exhibition will continue till 19 October 2018. BBBZ

,,To see a World in a Grain of Sand. And a Heaven in a Wild Flower. Hold Infinity in the Palm of your Hand.”

William Blake

Farmanová is a significant painter who has been convincing us that art needs not a thundering thesis or a dramatic affect. BBB1 Also, that beauty itself is powerful, without semantic titles and one may find freedom in light – just as it is.  In one of her interviews, she said: “When I want to paint a portrait, it is enough to see a face in a beautiful light. It’s enough to see a beautiful light falling on a subject; it’s enough to spot a detail, a moment that I wish to paint.  There is freedom in it, as I don’t need to be meditating over it. It’s a reason to paint something that does not have to reach philosophical heights. It’s good enough that it is a good moment. And I don’t mind repeating this moment and painting it even twenty times.”  

Jana Farmanová graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (Studio of Prof. Ján Berger) in 1996; that is in the time when tradition lost credit and contemporary (art) could only be the most novel (one).  Despite that or maybe just because of it she became a painter for whom painting is not one of the options; rather it is a necessity. It took some ten years from graduation until her paintings began to be shown in exhibition halls, not only at individual exhibitions but also in significant selections by art historians, which represented assessment of the situation regarding painted art in the Slovak and Czech scenes. She regularly exhibits her work in public and private galleries in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and abroad.

Beata Jablonská is the curator of the exhibition; she has been following the work of the artist very closely. However, they are meeting at a joint exhibition after 10 years.

The gallery’s exhibition program in 2018 has received support from the Fund for Art.