14 March – 26 April 2024

Veronika Holcová
Circling over the Abyss

White & Weiss Gallery opens on 13 March a exhibition of the painter and illustrator Veronika Holcová, a prominent figure of the contemporary Czech art scene. She is an artist who stands out for her exceptional imagination, in which she intuitively balances between reality and fantasy.

According to the curator of the exhibition, Dita Lamačová, the world of Holcova’s intuition and imagination has no fixed boundaries, which is why her works allow for free interpretation. Her imaginary landscapes are experimental, they represent various forms of life after the Anthropocene, they are a kind of painterly archaeology of the future, she depicts, for example, a burning city that is the past and from whose ashes white flowers grow.

Veronika Holcová translates her personal life, feelings, experiences, memories, ideas or dreams into her work. In the current exhibition she presents two basic lines of her work – drawing and painting. The paintings are poetic and fragile, situated on the border between painting and drawing. With his brush, she combines the looseness of a randomly formed patch with elaborate details. He depicts landscapes that seem familiar at first glance, but at the same time they appear meditative, dreamlike and even a little unsettling, as if they were hiding some strange secret. Holcová does not depict a seen reality, she wants to express its essence through a metaphysical overlay.

Veronika Holcová (*1973, Prague) graduated from the respected studios of Jitka Svoboda, Bedřich Dlouhý, Vladimír Skrepl and Vladimír Kokoliu at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague between 1993 and 2000. Since the 1990s, he has been attracting attention with his work that goes beyond the standard art production of the time and regularly exhibits in the Czech Republic and abroad. Her works are represented in the collections of the National Gallery Prague, private and public collections in the Czech Republic, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, China and the USA.

Foto: isonative

White & Weiss Gallery programme in 2024 was supported from the public funds by the Slovak Art Council.