23 OCT - 29 NOV 2019


Otis Laubert is a distinctive visual artist, a member of the A-R Group of Visual Arts along with Milan and Klára Bočkay, Monogrammist DT, Vladimír Kordoš and others, which was founded as an informal gathering back in the 1970s and 1980s. One the legendary events organized by the group is the World Championship in Artefact Shifting, organized in the homes of its members.

In the gallery Otis Laubert will present his artwork based on collecting objects of everyday use that have lost their original meaning. By shifting them, he creates a new artwork based on the principles of paradox and humour.  His interpretation offers not just humour rich with irony, but sometimes also a shockingly new imagination. He is a shifter working within a system he himself has created, in an order that works only thanks to his involvement. His ideas, sometimes Dadaistic, other times surrealistic, thus radiate a unique poetry. To simplify things, we could say that anything we encounter in the external world throughout our lives – every object, memory, and record of ideas – is revived under Otis′ visual shift, gaining a new meaning. And we are taken by surprise, wondering how he has managed to see something different than we have. Otis is a shifting creator… but that is an oversimplification. If Otis Laubert had not existed, he would surely reinvent and install himself somewhere.