19.10. - 1.12. 2023


Curator: Silvia L. Čúzyová

White & Weiss Gallery presents Jozef Gertli Danglár, acclaimed painter, illustrator and indisputably the reigning king of Slovak political cartoon at his latest exhibition DANGLÁR!

To many, Danglár is known for his inimitable newspaper cartoons, visual satirical commentaries that infuriate many politicians or tycoons. He entertains the public with sharp but also politically incorrect humour.

The other, more sombre and less known area of Danglár’s art includes stylised portraits. With sophisticated and witty details, they present a particular context from the lives of those portrayed. “I paint public figures or celebrities along with toy figures that are dear to me for different reasons. Combining them with letters evokes old posters. By no means do I choose topics that would feature lesser people whose public good would merit less than worthy,” says Danglár.

The exhibition presents Music legends such as Keith Richards or Marián Varga – how else than cool and easy-going with a smoke in hand; a portrait of David Bowie or Raquel Welch – by the way the only lady in this showcase of gentlemen – declaiming her Bandolero with a sexi undertone. Danglár’s take on the Apostles St. Cyril and St. Methodius is quite peculiar: he disguises them as two Batmen. For those well-versed in Glagolitic, the inscription on the book in Cyril’s hands reads: “Batman forever”.

Jozef Gertli ‘Danglár’ (b. 1962) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava in the studio led by Albín Brunovský and Ján Lebiš. His portfolio includes over 20 solo exhibitions, and his illustrations decorate more than 50 book covers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

White & Weiss Gallery programme in 2023 was supported from the public funds by the Slovak Art Council.